Welcome to the Conciergerie Privée CP which will make your leisure time unforgettable, in small luxurious and intimate settings in Paris, France or abroad. Our rare address book allows you to discover cozy, refined and unusual places, which will never tire of your outings, throughout the year.


  • choose for you quiet and refined places
  • we take care of reservations to make your life easier
  • suggest exclusive events
  • stay tuned to customize your outings and events                


  • gain peace of mind and optimize your time
  • get a quick and qualitative response in an instant
  • enjoy a personalized welcome in all the places we reserve for you and sometimes exclusive advantages


Rare address book of places and partners


Evenings, outings, travel, leisure


Easy and Quick booking service


Personal shopping, support and advice


Personalization according to your needs


Lifestyle, new places, exclusive events

This service is without subscription. The cost of a unitary service is 50 euros. It includes the selection and reservation of a place or service that meets your expressed criteria.


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Charlotte Panis

Conciergerie privée CP founder

Passionate about the art of living and Parisian since always, I created this private concierge to embellish the daily life of Parisians and the tourist visits of French and foreigners passing through Paris. I have a taste for beautiful things, a very attentive listening and the desire to dazzle and satisfy my customers.

Take a break in places conducive to your relaxation, your well-being and your escape, Bars, Restaurants, SPA, Hairdressers, Fitness Center, Hotels or Shops.

Immediately obtain a selection of the ideal location and / or service to make your next outing, travel or private event project a success.

Receive suggestions for exclusive events and activities.

Our universe “Cozy Spirit and Design”

All the places we offer are

  • Intimate and luxurious cocoons
  • Far from the hustle and bustle
  • Attentive and discreet staff
  • The decoration designed by renowned designers and stylists